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Staff Information

Are you being bullied, harassed or discriminated against?

If yes, then please contact the confidential Invicta help service:


Click the below button to access your Payslips. 

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Confidential Help Service

This free service is there to enable you to voice your concerns in complete confidence, and with total anonymity, if you wish.


The help service is monitored during office hours and any emails received will be responded to as soon as possible and with the utmost confidentiality. Providing us with your name and contact details is your choice; but we will ensure your anonymity is preserved.



If you wish to raise an official complaint about any aspect of your engagement or assignment, relationships with other workers or clients or any issue relating to Invicta Recruitment, please contact Irena Sereicikiene on:

Office employee

Corporate Information

To read more about Privacy Policy, Preventing Hidden Labour Exploitation Policy, Whistleblowing Statement and Modern Slavery Helpline click below.

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